About Us



To inspire, support, advocate for and empower our diverse community


We are a caring, flexible, culturally sensitive organisation which upholds the principles of integrity, inclusiveness and equity


“We will be recognised as the provider of choice for delivering innovative and personalised services across our diverse community”

Our history

Gippsland Multicultural Services Inc. is a community based organisation, assisting migrants and refugees in Gippsland through the provision of a range of services and programs that support the settlement and ongoing participation of our diverse communities in the Gippsland region.


Gippsland Multicultural Services Inc. (GMS) was formed through the efforts of the culturally diverse communities in the region in 1984, and remains the key service in the region that is able to advocate on behalf of migrants and refugees, and is managed “for and by” people from diverse backgrounds.

The move to establish a Gippsland Multicultural Services in the region arose out of recognition that the particular needs of migrants and refugees in the region were not being met effectively by mainstream agencies, and that their participation in the community and access to services would be greatly enhanced by a centre specifically for this purpose.


Gippsland Multicultural Services Inc. has been the voice of the Gippsland multicultural community for over thirty years.

We are proud to represent the issues, interests, needs and aspirations on a wide range of forums and boards. We bring the perspective of multiculturalism and diversity to the table at forums such as community safety and police, health, youth issues, ageing, employment and training, and many others.

We are able to bring our extensive networks and community relationships to the forefront, so that the viewpoints and lived experience of those from refugee, skilled, family, ageing or recently arrived can be heard.

This role also includes extensive media work to raise the profile of our diverse communities in the region and their achievements and concerns.



Gippsland Multicultural Services provides support to the multicultural and wider community in many ways. These include:-

– Provision of tailored training for services and agencies on areas such as working effectively with language services and cultural competency within your service. If you are seeking to develop your staff skills and agency practice or run a refresher, contact us. Our training includes the Gippsland perspective.

– Provision of capacity building support for CALD communities. We have assisted communities to develop their leadership skills, become incorporated and apply for funding, and engage with the wider community. We are able to provide support such as the use of our community room and resources to eligible groups.

– Referral and building connections. If you need a service or support and we can’t help, we will be able to point you in the right direction and assist you to find the right support. If you are a service provider seeking information and resources, we may be able to provide secondary consultation and advice, or can point you in the right direction to connect you with the most relevant resources, information and contacts.

Our Team


Lisa Sinha

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa has been the Chief Executive Officer at Gippsland Multicultural Services for many years and is well known within the region. Lisa is responsible for the day to day management of the centre. Lisa has developed close connections with communities and people from diverse backgrounds across Gippsland, and her role includes advocating for access and equity in the region on their behalf. Lisa has a passion for social justice issues, and loves her work leading GMS as she loves being able to work with people from all over the world every day.


Chief Executive Officer

Rob has joined Gippsland Multicultural Services to work alongside Lisa leading the organization. Rob has an extensive corporate sector management background. More recently Rob has been implementing and supporting services programs for disadvantaged communities across Gippsland for St Vincent de Paul Society. Rob is passionate about social justice advocacy and will enjoy bringing this experience to GMS and its programs.

Kelly Bull

Financial Controller

Kelly is the GMS Financial Controller, managing the day to day financial affairs of the agency. Kelly has a wealth of experience in her field within both the community and private sectors, working with the CEO and GMS Treasurer to ensure excellence in our financial management. Kelly also assists with quality assurance and compliance. Kelly enjoys using her professional skills to support others in making a difference in people’s lives.


Mersiha Grbic

Respite Services Coordinator

Mersiha has been with GMS for many years, and over that time, has worked in a number of roles within the agency. Mersiha currently manages Respite Care Services and NDIS services, and assists the CEO with the day to day management of the Centre. Mersiha manages our team of dedicated Direct Care Workers who provide both on site and off site support. Mersiha loves being able to see the services she provides make a difference to people’s lives.

Irini Lehos

Social Support Coordinator

Irini is the GMS Social Support Services Coordinator, and manages our funded Social Support  Groups. Working with a team of our Direct Care staff and volunteers, Irini provides weekly experiences for our clients that enable them to connect with friends, develop interests, and stay independent and active in their communities. Irini oversees the provision of delicious meals every week, and is kept busy
planning activities based on the interests and strengths of each of her participants. Irini loves being able work with the members of our ageing community to provide services that add meaning to their lives each week. 

Tania Ryan

Diversity Advisor

GMS is the auspice agency for the Gippsland region Diversity Advisor. As Diversity Advisor, Tania works with Commonwealth Home Support (CHSP) and Home and Community Care Programs for Younger People (HACC-PYP) service providers across Gippsland. Tania supports providers to design and deliver services that are inclusive and respectful to users from a range diverse backgrounds.

This work supports the development of more inclusive services, where barriers to appropriate services are identified and addressed. Tania facilitates training, provides access to resources, data and planning support to service providers. Tania is passionate that all people should have access to services that meet people’s needs and expectations, no matter what their background.


Michelle Foster

Access and Support (CALD) Worker

Michelle is the Access and Support (CALD) Worker. Michelle provides support to those from a CALD background who are over 65, or younger with a disability, who need assistance to find the services they need to live independently at home. Michelle helps people who face cultural and linguistic barriers, supporting them to connect to the services they need, and to make informed choices about their care. Michelle enjoys being able to work with her clients to navigate service systems that may at first seem confusing and complex, to gain the outcomes that best meet their needs.


receptionist and administration officer

Amy is the GMS receptionist and administration officer. Amy is the friendly voice on the end of the phone, and the welcome smile at our reception. Amy undertakes a range of tasks to support the workings of our programs, services, staff and committee of management, and the many administrative tasks needed on a day to day basis to keep everything running smoothly.


program support

Lisa provides program support to our Aged Care and disability services, and carries out the day to day rostering and administration duties for all our Direct Care staff. Lisa supports the respite and NDIS services, responding to service requests and working with Mersiha to ensure that service users receive the best possible service suited to their needs and interests. Lisa ensures that staff and clients are well supported and oversees the smooth working of services to meet people’s needs.


Committee of Management


GMS is managed by a Committee of Management consisting of nine people elected from our membership each year. Our staff are accountable to our Committee via our CEO, and our Committee provide strategic direction and governance to our organisation. Our committee members bring key skills to our organisation such as leadership, financial management, commercial expertise, community sector knowledge, human resource management skills and the lived experience of the CALD community in the region.